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3 Creative Ways To Live With Your In-Laws Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)


When you have elderly parents coming to live with you, you must find a balance between closeness and independence. They should be within reach—the whole idea is for them to migrate in—but they may wish to have their own space.

Some people prefer to maintain their independence as they age. The sudden shift in lifestyle can be too much for some older adults, who don’t want to give up the freedom and self-control gained throughout these years of living on their terms.

Building a mother-in-law apartment for a family can help ease the transition into retirement. This separate unit may be just what is needed to retain their independence while keeping them close at hand.

There are 3 creative ways to live with one’s parents by adding an accessory dwelling unit while keeping your family together.


What Is A Mother-In-Law Suite And How Does It Work?

A mother-in-law suite provides a separate living space to the in-laws who live with or nearby their children. It can be used as an alternative to moving into your home if you are unable, for whatever reason (health issues, financial constraints), to care for them yourself. The parents’ privacy is respected through independent access and living spaces while they still benefit from full-time support by family members only steps away.


Living Within An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

One way to ease tension between two different generations who have differing values, otherwise known as a mother-in-law suite or granny flat. This smaller home provides space for loved ones who need extra care while still allowing them some privacy from time to time. It also allows family members more freedom by being able to come and go without needing someone’s permission, provide assistance when needed, or simply take care of chores that are difficult for an older adult to complete alone. 


There Are 3 Main Types Of Mother-In-Law Suites:

  • The first type is the addition to your home – This can be difficult if you’re not on good terms with your in-laws or don’t have enough room for them at home.
  • The second type –  is a completely separate unit that either attaches directly to your house or it’s off-site but close by (within walking distance).
  • The third type –  would be an independent building adjacent to yours, which could function as guest quarters, rental space(s), office, etc.. depending on its size and location. Keep in mind what you want out of this living situation before deciding where they will live! If their health isn’t great then proximity might matter more than independence whereas if they are financially independent and need more privacy then a separate building might suit them better.


Which Type Of Mother-In-Law Suite Is Best?

That depends on your situation, but if you can swing it an addition to the main house would be ideal as long as everyone gets along. It’s also important that whoever lives in the mother-in-law space has their entryway. Also keep in mind that having this living arrangement could benefit all parties involved: parents get help from family members while still being able to maintain independence; children have financial security knowing their parents will always have someone close by who cares for them properly, and grandparents enjoy life without moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility. In many situations, it results in a mutually beneficial situation.

  • You can take care of your kids and mom at the same time
  • Allows for more freedom to live independently
  • Parents can enjoy time to themselves yet still have a safety net
  • Provides children with security and grandparents the chance to live a fulfilling life in retirement

Benefits Of A Mother-In-Law Suite

Why would you want to have a mother-in-law suite? In today’s economy, with its unpredictability and health concerns throughout the world, it’s more important than ever to keep your family close.


Putting The Needs Of The Family First

The foremost benefit of a mother-in-law suite is simple: putting your family first. You can finally focus on being the best possible support for those you love and cherish most in life, without any distractions or worries.


A Personal Touch

More than just a place for someone to sleep, mother-in-law suites are an opportunity to provide housing with the special touch of your own family.


Close To Home

If you’re looking to take care of your parents or in-laws as they get older, mother-in-law suites offer the perfect solution.



One of the best aspects about living in a mother-in-law suite is that you can find your perfect solution—whether it’s more space for everyone or just an occasional getaway.



A mother-in-law suite is a convenient option for everyone involved. In a mother-in-law’s apartment, both parents and in-laws have access to areas they never would have had if they’d stayed in their own home. You may go across the backyard to take care of your parents, and your parents can also come over to help out with dinner, sit with the kids to do homework, run an errand, or just keep you company. It’s a chance for everyone in your family to spend quality time together that they wouldn’t have been able to do previously, and it’s a bonding experience that brings everybody together.


Added Convenience Over The Holidays

Your parents or in-laws can still make use of the mother-in-law suite when they come and visit. During holidays, mother-in-law suites give you just enough space to spend time together and have some alone time at the end of the day.


Extra Care

If you’re looking for a way to give your parents and in-laws more quality time with the people they love, consider building them their own house. They can also provide peace of mind when it comes time to take care of loved ones. A mother-in-law suite is a perfect place to get extra support for your parents and other members of your family.


Maintaining Independence While Keeping Your Loved Ones Close

Parents may choose to live with their children as they get older. They may require assistance with routine chores or want to be near their relatives. Whatever the cause, this lifestyle change will need some learning. Even though they are moving closer to family, some parents might be unwilling to give up their independence. A mother-in-law’s apartment, on the other hand, maybe a wonderful method to maintain proximity and autonomy.

  • Live near your kids without giving up independence
  • Keep it familiar with a mother-in-law apartment
  • Stop worrying about caregiving sooner or later
  • Get peace of mind by living close

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