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Ten Questions & Answers About Building a Secret Room in Your Home


There’s nothing like being in your own home. But sometimes when there are others around, you just need to find a place where you can escape. Why don’t you build something in your house that just lets you do that? That’s right, maybe it’s time for you to consider incorporating a hidden space inside your humble home.

A hidden space can be placed anywhere in your home, be it behind a bookcase, under a staircase, or even behind a blank wall. This is possible regardless of the size of your home. Best of all, you can turn it into whatever you want to do.

There are few architectural details that can give a home a sense of mystery and wonder, like a secret door that leads to a hidden room. If you ever wanted a private hideaway, an extra secure store of valuables, or an almost magical escape to another world, a hidden room is sure to amaze and inspire.


Secret Rooms In Houses: Under Stair Hideaway

The space beneath the stairwells is a common area that goes unused in many homes. Some homebuilders leave the area open and exposed, while others simply wall it off. But turning this dead zone into a useful nook is a simple project that adds storage and character to every home. Note in this photo that a simple board and batten pattern is used to help camouflage the gap around the door.


Hidden By A Natural Doorway

A hidden room doesn’t have to be inside. An outdoor area or breezeway can be combined with a large water feature to create a room hidden behind a waterfall or a growing vine. Using natural features to hide a room or doorway creates a sense of wonder and wonder, turning your yard into a fairyland garden. And a thick covering of leafy vines draped over a wall can easily obscure a doorway to a side room, a shed or a garage. Equally effective is the construction of a garden archway that droops long vines over the doorway. And for those with a bigger budget and larger yard space, a robust water feature can tumble over the frame of a doorway. With carefully selected and angled accent lights, this will create an obscuring curtain of water.


Secret Rooms In Houses: Cape Cod Cave

Cape Cod homes are warm and cozy, but they do have some partially usable space on the top floor. Or at least partially usable for a full size adult. Children often love having a kid-sized nook for reading , playing, or building a fort. So stop looking at that Cape Cod storage space as just one additional spot that needs to be insulated and turn it into a tiny hidden playroom.


The Haunted Mansion Entrance

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re in an old movie mansion, complete with secret passages and hidden corridors, this kind of hidden room is for you. Whether using a simple wire or remote IR signal, when the key to opening the hidden room is as unexpected as the room itself, it amplifies the fun and excitement of having a secret escape. Best of all, the actual process of creating this kind of entrance is not much more complicated than building a built-in bookshelf in an existing doorway.


How To Hide A Door: High Security Room

Break-ins and burglaries are a sad reality that some homeowners are forced to face at one time or another. One way to protect valuables is to hide them in clever spots, where even the most thorough of thieves will not think of looking. And scaling up to room size allows you to hide your most precious assets, too: you and your family. High security hidden rooms — sometimes called panic rooms — provide a safe and near impenetrable retreat if your family is ever threatened by an intruder.


How To Hide A Door: With A Nod And A Wink

Sometimes the funniest thing to do with a secret is to let everyone know it exists. This oversized poster for a vintage magic act offers an escape of its own. A tucked away talk easy where the homeowner can retreat to, as needed. Part of the genius of this hidden room is the simplicity of the design. A simple door lock is all you need to secure it, and the hinges are obscured by a large poster frame. There’s no need for complex woodworking to pull this trick away! But the real satisfaction has to come from the knowledge that your personal escape is literally hidden behind the poster of the escape artist. This idea could also be replicated for a hidden room at home theater.


Escapes For Kids

Children’s stories are full of secret passages and gateways to other worlds. Capture some of the same magic with a creative entrance to the hidden room in which they can play. After all, like any C.S. fan. Lewis’ Narnia stories can tell you, wardrobes aren’t always just about organizing your clothes. With a secret entrance, even the simplest of playrooms is transformed into a magical escape, and children will love the feeling that they have a special place of their own. There’s a secret entrance to almost every fictional world, from Doctor Who’s police box to Superman’s phone booth. These are the kinds of stories children of all ages love to escape, and a hidden room makes a dream a reality.


Hiding Unfinished Space: How To Create A Secret Room In Your House

Finishing a basement is a great and affordable way to add living space to your home. But sometimes it’s a good idea to leave a part of the basement unfinished. Whether it’s because you want to keep some storage space, maintain mechanical access to the next floor, or leave room for things like a furnace or a water heater. You can choose to finish only part of the basement. But then you’re going to face the dilemma of how to hide the less attractive unfinished area when you’ve embellished the rest of the space. An unfinished hidden room is the best of both worlds. Enjoy the comfort of your finished basement, while maintaining an unfinished area for storage or for messier chores such as laundry or pet baths. And with a secret entrance, you won’t even have to think about those tasks once they’re done.


Garage Bay Bat Cave

Hiding a room is one thing, but how are you hiding the entire garage? This smart project maintains the historic appearance of this beautiful Victorian home, while still providing off-street parking. This project goes far beyond a simple tune-up of the garage door, but it shows that with creative thinking and careful planning, the sky’s the limit when it comes to hidden rooms.


Secret Rooms In Houses: Hidden Room Wine Cellar

The entrance to the spiral stairway can be placed in a surprising number of locations, including below the floor of one of your first-floor rooms. A narrow spiral staircase can provide access to shelves that hold hundreds of bottles of wine or similar objects of size. Entryways can be built to blend in with the flooring, or can be covered with a throw rug that can be easily removed to allow access to your private wine cellar. And as a bonus, the limited depth means that you don’t have to worry about repairing broken spindles or adjusting loose handrails, like many spiral staircases.


Our Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, building a secret room in your home can be an exciting and intriguing endeavor. Throughout this article, we have explored ten common questions and provided comprehensive answers to guide you on this covert journey. From understanding the legalities and costs involved to discovering the practicality and allure of hidden spaces, you now have the knowledge to embark on your own secret room project. Remember to consider the pros and cons, plan meticulously, and let your imagination soar. Whether it’s for security, personal retreat, or simply adding a touch of mystery to your home, creating a secret room can be a truly rewarding experience. So go ahead, unlock the hidden potential of your home and let your secret room become a sanctuary like no other.

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