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In What Order Do You Renovate A House?


Planning the order and timing of renovations is key to any successful home remodel, as it can help maximize cost savings and ensure that each element of the project is done in an efficient manner. In this article, we explore some important ordering considerations when it comes to renovating a house. Plus, we break down how to prioritize tasks within your project plan so that you can make the most of your time and money. Read on for expert advice on sequencing your home renovation project!

Here is the general guide to which order to tackle the jobs that need doing that will apply to most renovations.


1. Put A Plan In Place

Write down everything you Think you need to do with the property before you start something. We’re saying ‘think’ because you’re not going to be sure at this point there’s bound to be stuff you didn’t know.

It is crucial that you have a plan to make sure you don’t forget to do something, so you can easily see which of the points below is applicable to your house.

If for any aspect of the work you need planning permission, get this started as soon as possible as it can take months to sort.


2. Fix Any Structural Problems

If the property has some noticeable cracks on the outside, have a structural engineer to evaluate them. If they are more than just cosmetics, have them patched at the earliest opportunity.

It must first be done so you can be sure the property is safe to operate on, both inside and outside. Nobody wants to be employed in a structurally unsafe home.


3. Make Sure The Property Is Watertight

Ensure the roof is solid and not leaky until you do something inside. The number one enemy is leaking water. There’s no point in doing any internal research until you’ve made sure it won’t get more harmed.

Check for broken tiles or structural issues with the roof and get them fixed. If any windows are missing or damaged, then make them good again. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to completely cover the window, but at least board it up to keep the property secure and protected.


4. Strip Everything Back

If you have a full overhaul to do, strip it all down to a bare shell. That has the advantage of revealing any hidden issues like humid or rotting joists. It also lets you work from a blank canvas.

After you’ve stripped everything out, other jobs like updating the electrics or installing central heating will become simpler.


5. Fix Any Damp Issues

When you stripped it all off, you should have exposed all the issues with the building materials. These may involve damp patches, joists to rottings, and so on.

Your next move will be to find out what causes any issues with dampness or rot. Is there a drainpipe leaking, or an air brick blocked? Fix the problem before compensating for the damage.


6. Reconfigure The Space

If you plan to change the property’s layout, now is the time to do so. This applies whether you only add or remove a wall, or create a whole new branch.

If you remove a wall, make sure you get a structural engineer’s advice to ensure it’s not bearing the load.

Prepare the plumbing work that will need to be completed in step 8 if you move the bathroom.


7. Check The Garden Access

This often happens when access to the back garden is either limited or only accessible via the building. This is characteristic of terraced houses.

The last thing you want to do is make the house look beautiful, then remember that you need to cart some mud wheelbarrows from the back garden through it, ruining the property’s interior in the process.

If it looks like you’re going to have to go through the house to reach the back garden, have the garden sorted out before you’re working on the inside property. If the property has nice, simple rear garden access, you can leave it to the very end if you wish.


8. Update Electrics & Plumbing

When you have the building’s configuration exactly as you want it and address any apparent problems, it’s time to figure out the electrics and plumbing.

Some of the properties that need maintenance would need to at least update their electrical work to modern standards. Consider this as a chance to mount extra sockets or switches, too.

Often, several construction properties would require work on the plumbing system, whether that is a new boiler or central heating installation.

Have this done right now, but be sure to call in a professional specialist to do the job. You’ll need a Part P certificate for electrical work, and a Gas Safe certified engineer will need to conduct gas works.


9. Replaster The Walls

Once you are sure all of the electrical and plumbing work is completed and up to standard, you can get the walls and ceilings re-plastered ready for decorating.


10. Redecorate

Start with the bathrooms and kitchens first, they seem to require the most work and you’re going to move sinks and cupboards and stuff around the house so you don’t want to squat any freshly painted walls.

We suggest that you start from the front door with the rooms furthest, and then work your way back. You don’t have to pass through freshly painted rooms, that way.

Work on the walls and ceilings first when decorating, and don’t forget to put in any new doors or skirting required. Leave the flooring to last, and make sure it looks good until you’re finished.

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